2020 race schedule

round 1
Soldier HOllow

August 15, 2020

Jr. Devo & High School

Yellow Venue

round 2

September 5, 2020

Jr. Devo & High School

Green Venue

round 3
Cedar City

September 19, 2020

Jr. Devo & High School

Green Venue

region champs

October 3, 2020

High School Only

Yellow Venue

state champs
st. george

October 23-24, 2020

* Qualified High School Only

See qualification criteria

volunteer on race day

Race day volunteers make our events a success and volunteering is both fun and rewarding. The EXPECTATION is that every parent/guardian will volunteer for the League at least ONCE per student per season. The League needs over 150 volunteers at each race to provide an awesome experience to all the student athletes!

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