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riding Skills

Here is some of our favorite mountain bike riding skills info that applies to what we do on the team. We'll keep adding new stuff as we come across it. If you have some favorites, let one of the coaches know and we'll take a look.

Riding POsition

This is the foundational mountain bike skill and something we continually work on in practice. Once you get this skill down you'll quickly progress to more advanced techniques.


Coming to a quick and controlled stop requires a lot more than just pulling your brake lever. This video shows how to properly use your brakes so you are in control. If you are skidding, you are not in control.


Getting through a corner quickly and controlled requires good bike / body separation technique. This video gives a clear demonstration of that should look like.

Riding OVer OBstacles

We encounter a lot of tricky obstacles on the trails like large rocks and fallen trees. This video shows how you use your momentum to help you ride over these tricky obstacles.

Riding with a Dropper POst

If you are lucky enough to have a dropper post on your bike, you should learn how to use it on the trails. Getting the seat out of the way while descending or riding tricky sections makes controlling the bike a lot easier.


Pumping is a fun and very useful skill for on the trail. There are times where pumping can generate speed where you can't get a pedal stroke in. A very useful technique to learn.


We aren't hitting big drops on the trails we practice at, but it's still a very good skill to learn, even for smaller drops. This is a great video showing a progression from small to big drops using the same technique.

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